German customs restrictions on number of imports for non-EU companies

February 26, 2021

Fiscal IOR are the leading experts on customs representation, helping clients get their goods through customs globally. Our services include Importer of Record and Indirect Representation. If you are experiencing any of the challenges mentioned in this article, please contact our specialists for help.

The UK leaving the EU has caused a myriad of issues for importers that had previously enjoyed ‘free trade’ within the member states. One of the biggest stumbling blocks has been where the importation documents don’t show an EU entity, something easily overcome by having local representation. Another issue we also covered previously is regarding the need for a UK business to appoint an indirect representative to carry on importing goods into the EU. 

The German rule of nine is affecting non-EU importers

More recently, it became apparent that UK businesses are unaware of the limitations on importing to Germany. The issue occurs when a non-EU company using an EU EORI number to clear their goods into Germany imports multiple times. A company from outside the EU could be clearing goods into Germany with their own German EORI, but then the imports are blocked. While this is not a new problem for non-EU importers, many UK businesses are encountering this situation unprepared post-Brexit. The German authorities will allow only nine imports per year for any company that is not an entity in the EU.

An example scenario

A UK B2C company with an Irish EORI and German VAT number should be able to import into Germany as their EORI is a European one. Upon checking documentation, Germans customs recognise that the company is actually from the UK, so they block the imports after the permitted nine clearances.

For any frequent importers, this will have a significant impact on the business. 

How Fiscal IOR can help

As a local representative, Fiscal IOR can help you to continue importing into Germany and beyond the limitation of nine. We have helped many clients trade between countries by relieving the stress and obstacles that international trade and shipping can create, whether they are based in the EU or move goods globally.

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