What is an exporter of record and why use this service?

What is an exporter of record?

An exporter of record, also known as EOR, is an authorised person or entity that takes responsibility for an export of goods from a country, putting their name on the shipping documentation as the exporter in the country that the goods are despatched from. 

The exporter of record is usually the owner of the goods. However, in some cases, the business that owns the goods cannot meet export obligations and will require a third party to assist with the export clearance.

When is an exporter of record service required?

An exporter of record service is usually required when the exporter has no representation or physical presence in the country to allow them to export goods in their own name.

For example, a non-resident company owns goods held in a warehouse that it wants to export. However, the customs legislation in that country of export states that it must have a physical presence to export the goods. In this instance, the non-resident company requires a third party in that country to act as the exporter of record to allow them to clear the goods.

Can a freight forwarder be the exporter of record?

Freight Forwarders can act in this capacity, however by doing so it means that they would have to take on the responsibility of an exporter of record, which includes taking responsibility for the export if something goes wrong.

For this reason, you will usually find that a freight forwarder will not have the resource to offer these types of services and would be averse to acting in this capacity due to the risks involved.

Exporter of record services – how we can help

Fiscal IOR provides a comprehensive exporter of record service that enables you to clear and export goods globally. We will:

  • Liaise with your chosen logistics company in relation to customs clearance touch points.
  • Keep digital archives of all documentation and maintain an accurate record of each transaction.
  • Keep you updated with the step-by-step process while we act as your exporter of record.

If you’re facing any challenges with the clearance of your goods, please get in touch.

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