Who could require an importer of record service?

Our service applies to a variety of sectors and goods

Technology firms and online service providers

Technology companies are the most common users of importer of record services. This will include any company who may have the requirement of on premise products in overseas data centres:

  • IT and telecoms firms
  • data centre infrastructure manufacturers
  • cloudservice specialists
  • networking security companies
  • online service providers such as dating, gaming and social media sites.

Banks, hotels and energy companies

These types of businesses may wish to send data-bearing equipment to existing overseas entities, but want to retain title of the goods ownership with the origin/HQ entity.

FSL and regional spare parts warehouses

Our services are also used by companies that have Forward Stock Locations (FSL), as part of a service or maintenance program, where ownership is retained by the manufacturer or the origin owner of goods – e.g. aircraft AOG spares or emergency research equipment.


Our clients use our services to send their sales reps or potential customers product samples and promotional items for test purpose or trials.

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What is an importer of record and why use this service?

Find out everything you need to know about our importer of record service.

What is an importer of record and why use this service?

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How we work with you

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