• Q: What is an importer of record?

    A: An importer of record, or IOR, provides a service for situations when a company is importing goods into a country where they have no representation – and/or they want the asset to remain the property of the exporter/shipper/origin company.

  • Q: What type of consignment might fall into this category?

    A: For example, moving your data estate into an overseas data centre, or parts for a spares warehouse – where the goods being shipped remain the property of the shipper. Or a situation where an asset is being transferred from an HQ corporate entity to a subsidiary entity, where HQ retains title of the goods. Read more about the types of companies that may require an importer of record service here.

  • Q: What does Fiscal IOR do for its customers?

    A: We perform the role of importer of the goods in question in relation to all of the customs, licensing and tax declaration issues which need to be addressed during the import process. Read more about the service we provide here.

  • Q: Do you manage all of the local regulations and paperwork?

    A: We take full responsibility for dealing with all of the local in-country regulatory bodies, including customs and tax departments, as well as carrying out all of the necessary filing requirements which are relevant to the local region, in relation to paying taxes and other duties. We also deal with the application process for everything you need in terms of import licenses, permits and customs clearance relevant to the items being shipped.

  • Q: Will you liaise with my logistics provider?

    A: We are very happy to work with your logistics firm and any other suppliers who are involved in the shipping process to ensure a totally smooth transaction.

  • Q: Do you look after all of the legal paperwork after the event?

    A: We keep copies of all paperwork and maintain an accurate record of each transaction in accordance with all appropriate laws in the country of import.

  • Q: Will I have to fill in a lot of complex forms?

    A: We like to keep things simple, so we won’t start off by asking you fill in a complex form or questionnaire. However, it does help if you can give us some basic information on your requirements. When you have completed the process, you will receive a quotation for the costs involved including the estimated time this will take, and all costs associated with our services.

    These will include importer of record fees, licence application, administration fees and any other in-country costs that are part of the import process.

  • Q: Which countries can I import into and be able to use your services?

    A: Wherever you need to import, we’re happy to discuss how we can help – so please get in touch and we can talk more.

    The core regions in which we operate include all EU countries, plus Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Israel, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada and the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and South Africa.

    This list is not exhaustive, but represents a selection of core regions in which we act as an importer of record. Please be aware, we do not deal with comprehensively embargoed countries or targeted sanction countries.

  • Q: What can you offer that other importers of record can’t?

    A: We have a dedicated team with a vast number of years’ experience in the industry, and we work in close partnership with Fiscal Solutions – longstanding and highly trusted specialists in all aspects of fiscal representation and VAT.

    We have the tools and processes, and the knowledge of in-country regulations, to create a simple and seamless operation – our team also cross-references every transaction, to ensure it complies with up to date regulations worldwide.

  • Q: Do you provide customs clearance services as well?

    A: No, we do not provide this as we are not a customs broker. These services would normally be provided by a specialist team within your chosen logistics company.

  • Q: Do you offer air or ocean freight services, ground transportation or home delivery?

    A: Again, this is not something that we offer, but we work closely with companies that do – and can of course make recommendations.

  • Q: Why can’t my logistics company provide me with importer of record services?

    A: A freight forwarder would not be acting compliantly if it took on the role of the broker and importer of record. In some countries, they are legally unable to undertake this role as it represents a conflict of interest.

  • Q: Why might I need an importer of record?

    A: If you want to export goods to any country (outside of a free trade zone), you require an importer to complete the transation. If there is not an importer which is an in-country entity, then you need to appoint an importer of record, which will essentially provide you with the necessary in country presence. Find out more here.

  • Q: What happens if I don’t use an importer of record?

    A: Importing high value and/or sensitive items into a country is a complex process, and without the right knowledge and experience, your consignment could be held up in a web of red tape, resulting in delays which impact your business, both organisationally and financially.

  • Q: If I have an office in the country I’m importing into, might I still need an importer of record?

    A: Yes, possibly. For example, if you have a small office in that country, but need to import a high volume of servers into a data centre. You wouldn’t necessarily want those assets going through a transfer of ownership at your local office, with all of the complexity that brings – so you would call on the services of Fiscal IOR instead.

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